The span capability of light frame trusses is dependent on loads, style, spacing, depth, lumber and plate properties. Sample spans are given below as a guideline.

Roof Trusses

Roof trusses commonly span up to 20 meters, in low snow load areas up to 26 meters. For more information contact your local truss manufacturer, the load/span capacity is dependent on building designation, loads, spacing, truss configuration and other factors.

Floor Trusses

Sample Canadian Spans for
Parallel Chord Floor Trusses spaced at 400 mm
Sample Spans, m
1.9 kPa
Floor Truss
2.4 kPa
Floor Truss
300 Up to 6 Up to 5
400 6 - 8* 5 - 7
600 8 - 11* 7 - 10

* Residential spans exceeding 6 meters may be governed by vibration criteria

Specific loadings and other structural requirements must be clearly identified for proper design of any truss system. In designing the appropriate trusses, the truss manufacturer will incorporate these specifications with the architectural requirements. The span capabilities of trusses should be discussed with a truss manufacturer.