Quality Control


Criteria for design and use of light frame trusses are based on building code and engineering standard requirements. In Canada truss design is regulated by the provincial or territorial building codes that refer to the TPIC Truss Design Procedures and Specifications for Light Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses In the US, the model building codes, the National Design Specification, and the Truss Plate Institute Standards govern design and quality control requirements. In addition to the mandatory requirements for truss design and inspection established by code, many truss manufacturers belong to truss manufacturing associations that conduct on-site audits of design, manufacturing and handling procedures. In some cases trusses will display a Regional Association Certification Stamp indicating that the trusses were manufactured in a plant that complies with an Association Quality Certification Program.

It is important that building designers/Structural Engineers of Record/contractors review all truss drawings and installations to ensure that trusses are properly constructed and erected.

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