Design Procedures


The truss design is initiated by the builder or owner, or his
designate; i.e. the general contractor or architect/engineer. The
documentation must include:

For more details on the design responsibilities of the truss designer and the building designer consult the
TPIC Truss Design Procedures and Specifications for light metal plate connected wood trusses Section 4.

Typically, the building designer or builder will contract with the truss fabricator, who will supply a truss layout
and a structural design of each significant element of the roof system. The truss plate manufacturer's engineer
usually reviews and seals the individual truss designs on behalf of the truss fabricator.

In Canada, designs are based on structural requirements from Building Codes using design standards
referenced in Building Codes and approved material properties:

Truss design is facilitated by the use of computer software that designs all members, connections and
produces a design drawing for an engineer's approval and also shop drawings and cutting lists for manufacturing
and quality control.

The approval and acceptance process of truss design drawings depends on local requirements. In most
jurisdictions, a professional engineer's stamp on the truss design drawing may be compulsory. In other cases
alternate procedures may be acceptable.