Temporary Bracing

Temporary bracing is required during erection to enable the truss assembly to:

  • withstand the gravity forces of its own weight,
  • resist wind loads during construction,
  • support temporary construction dead loads such as the weight of sheathing and roofing materials
  • keep the trusses plumb, and
  • assure correct truss spacing.

Permanent Bracing

Permanent bracing is required to ensure that the trusses are integrated into the overall
building structure to:

  • prevent buckling of web members loaded in compression
  • share loads between adjacent trusses,
  • transfer lateral forces to diaphragms, and
  • restrains overall lateral displacements.

For the seven bracing steps, please see the following pages: For more details consult:

TPIC-2007 Standard - Section 4 Member Design Procedure.